And God said, "Let There Be Still Rings"
In order to clear some of the clutter on my personal blog, I decided to create a side blog solely for gymnastics. As I wish to keep my relative anonymity, all questions/asks will be answered publicly for the most part. Enjoy!

Schedule of the Russian Championships (01 March 2013—07 March 2013)

I got the following schedule for the Russian National Championships this year from the RGF website. I used google translate, so it’s obviously a bit messed up, but I figured some information is better than nothing. No lineups yet. Also, I did edit some of the stuff so that it makes more sense than what it did in the google translate version. Unfortunately, no news on the lineups, yet, so nothing particularly exciting.

March 1:

March 2:

March 3:

March 4

March 5

March 6

March 7